The firm has been involved with a wide variety of specialized right-of-way projects for the expansion of the METRO system throughout Los Angeles.  These include the Expo Phase 2 to Santa Monica and the Green Line to LAX. The firm has also completed work on properties associated with the Regional Connector in Downtown, which will make it easier to switch between the Gold Line, Red Line, and Blue Line.

Property owners may be concerned that the tunneling will affect their buildings and that the construction will disrupt their tenants’ retail business.  Norris Realty Advisors was asked to value a major retail center in the path of the tunnel and determine the value of a proposed tunnel easement underneath the property.

Our research into tunnel easements took us to New York, Seattle, and San Francisco, where similar projects have been completed in the past.  In recent years, engineers have developed new tunneling machines that lay concrete behind them as they bore through the earth, making transit tunneling less disruptive to businesses above ground, and limiting some of the extent of potential severance damages to property owners.  The Regional Connector is slated to start construction in 2013 and be completed in 2019.